What’s the weirdest thing you have ever snuck into a cinema?

After @Nicole_Cliffe asked her followers what their favourite cinema snacks are, there were some pretty crazy results, here are some of the most bizarre.

Personally (true story) the weirdest thing I took into a cinema was some sushi, which I was promptly asked to throw away. Other people however, have got away with much more heinous snacks.

How do you hide a whole tray of this stuff???

Good luck not getting ice cream on your jacket, that’s gonna smell really bad...

Uh, what even is a pickle in a pouch...?

I literally have no idea how you could sneak a WHOLE PIZZA into a cinema, it still feels kind of cheeky just bringing in your own bottle of Fanta.

Apparently though, cinemas actually don’t mind what you bring in as long as it’s not hot food or alcohol.

If this is true, then surely the challenge is now on for people to get the weirdest, most elaborate thing possible past the ticket booth!