What's in the £ shops - September 2015

Poundland Poundworld 99p Store

Pound shops are a great place to pick up bargains, but often you don't know what the best in store offers will be until you go in. We went out into Poundland, Poundworld, 99p Stores and B&M Bargains to take pictures of the best deals so you know what to look out for.

B&M Bargains

B&M have got in loads of American sweets, including three flavours of Twinkies, and you can get ten for only £2.99, the same box is a whopping £6.99 (plus delivery) on Amazon.

There's also Hershey's Cookies & Cream bar 5 pack for a pound, Tootsie Roll for 59p (currently £1.89 on Amazon) and so many different types of Reese's.

There were an array of foundations available from Maybelline, L'Oreal and Max Factor, and all for under £3.

Nail fans won't be disappointed with £1.99 polishes from Rimmel and Barry M, including a Sally Hansen duo!

We spotted Maybelline The Falsies mascara for £2.99, and Boots sells it for £7.99, that's better than half price.

99p Store

99p Store has a pretty impressive amount of branded hair products at the moment, this 100ml Charles Worthington Finishing Creme is £8.99 on Amazon and Toni and Guy's Texturising Glue is £7.49 at Boots, or 99p each here!

Usually we wouldn't recommend dying your hair with pound shop dye, but 99p Stores had big name brands like Schwarzkopf, Clairol and Garnier. Usually these go for about £5 a box, so this is a massive saving.

The skincare offering was pretty strong too, Garnier and St Tropez moisturiser, plus £1 sun cream.

As we walked towards the tills we caught sight of loads of delicious looking chocolate, including Lindt bars (usually £2) for 99p! The Menier cooking chocolate is £1.20 at Tesco and Ocado too.


Like B&M, Poundworld also had a display full of American sweets, including Wonka Nerds, marshmallows with that terrifying monster from Ghostbusters on them and whipped marshmallow spread.


Poundland had quite a bit of bargain makeup from L'Oreal, Calvin Klein and Maybelline and Malibu sun cream that would be great to tuck away for next summer.

Have you picked up anything good at a pound shop recently? Let us know in the comments and we'll look out for it next month.