What's in the £ shops - Freshers edition

Freshers shopping cheap

Here at SMS we want to make your life as cheap and easy as possible, which is why we've been in store to Poundland, PoundWorld, 99p stores, B&M Bargains and Primark to see what you can pick up for Freshers.

Take a look at our uni essentials list to get an idea of what you should and shouldn't be taking with you.


PoundWorld was our favourite for Freshers bargains for the kitchen, check these out:

Big cheese graters, chopping boards and tongs...

Sieves, tin openers, potato mashers and cutlery...

And these cute drinking jars, there were actually more styles to choose from along the shelf too. If you buy distinctive glasses like these, then they're less likely to get "borrowed" by your flatmates.


The Poundland we went to didn't have a lot of kitchenware, but we spotted a three pack of kitchen scissors, baking trays and a metal colander that all looked like fantastic value for a quid!


We popped into Primark to see what bedding was on offer, there was a good selection for the small store we went into, but as it's Primark you have to grab it when you see it.

There were single duvets for £10, duvet cover sets (like this cute bear print one) for £11, and there's currently a sale on plain dye bedding if you were looking for something more budget friendly.

B&M Bargains

Obviously, you can't get everything from pound shops, we had a look around B&M to check for other uni essentials.

Only £3.99 for a chopping board, five knives and a knife sharpener is a steal! We also spotted eight wooden cooking utensils for £1.99, and a steam iron for £9.99.

£3.99 for a bath sheet available in pink or green is an extremely good price.

Blankets are an essential for any student, and if you can't afford to put the heating on, you'll wish you paid £5.99 for one of these.

If you're not moving into halls this year, you might be in the market for a new microwave. It's hard to find a branded microwave for less than £50, so this Daiwoo reduced to £39.99 is a bargain.

Have you spotted any good Freshers offers in discount stores? Let us know in the comments below.