What your uni room says about you

Like it or not, your uni room says a lot about you. Here's a few items you might have in your room and what they say about you...

Empty alcohol bottles on the floor

"I am entirely comfortable with my drinking levels and feel no need to keep it a secret. I recycle - stop judging me."

Books on the bookshelf

"I like to look like I study."

Books on the floor

"I actually study."

Open alcohol bottles near the bed

"I like to have alcohol near me at all times. In case I awake from my coma during the night."

No sheets

"I needed a toga and didn't think things through".

Fairy lights

"I have been to Poundland."

Canned goods

"I am either preparing for an apocalypse, eating beans with my fingers in my room, or do not trust you people with my tins of beans."

Pictures of a boy/girl everywhere, arranged into the shape of a heart

"I know I invited you back here, but back the hell off - I'm taken."

Shrine to Bieber



"I am about to give you a tarot reading. It's going to be intense and weird. At some point this year I will strongly defend homeopathy and/or try and get you to do a ouiji board on halloween."

A doll house, dolls and teddy bears

"I am not entirely comfortable with being a grown-up yet."


"Did I tell you this place was haunted?"

Michael Jackson posters everywhere

"I am not someone who follows the news. Why, what happened?"


"Without tea and/or coffee the moment I wake up I will kill every last one of you motherf*****s, so help me God."

A radiator - turned on

"Bills are included in the rent."


"I'm apparently some kind of billionaire."

Johnny Cash / Beatles / Hendrix posters

"For me, music died with John Lennon. RIP music. RIP."

Foil everywhere

"I left my room unlocked and my friends own foil."

No posters whatsoever

"I have yet to decide on a personality and/or am Amish."

Trashed room

"I have more important things to do with my time than cleaning."

Tidy room

"I do not have more important things to do with my time than cleaning."

Endless consoles

"I did not come to uni to study."

Instruments, everywhere

"Screw you neighbours. If you want to sleep, develop a hearing problem. Here's what Wonderwall sounds like on electric guitar."

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