What this dog does every day since his owner left for uni will melt your heart

We've featured plenty of stories on SMS about families who seem a little TOO happy to see the back of relatives heading off to uni. But there's one integral part of your family who you KNOW is going to miss you - your pets.

This college students' story is absolutely adorable:

Meet Bo.

Bo’s owner, 18-year-old college student Carly Dunn from Atlanta, left for the Georgia State University three months ago. Yet Bo still hasn’t quite got the hang of his human being gone.

Bo still waits every day for Carly to come home; he even watches her old school-bus pass by, hoping she'll get off and walk through the door like she used to before heading off to uni.

This is the cutest story involving a dog for a long time, and it is reminiscent of that famous episode of Futurama where Fry’s dog Seymour waits outside the pizza store he worked at for years after he was frozen.

After sending the tweet out, the story was picked up by Buzzfeed and has now gone viral.

Since more people have been aware of Bo's story, they have been urging Carly to go home and see her pup.

And some have even suggested she drop out of uni altogether.

Rest assured, dog and owner will be reunited soon when Carly returns home for Christmas later this month. We will keep an eye on this and hope to God that she records his reaction.

Ultimate dog goals, right there.