What is the deal with this hilarious new meme?

Unless you live under a rock, you'll have seen some variation of the guy with his displeased girlfriend vs. other girl meme.

And to be fair to the internet, it's been pretty creative:

The stock photos, which can be found on Shutterstock, first started going super viral when @Official_Howe used it for the solar eclipse, and since then it's been non-stop popping off.

But where did this bizarre meme actually come from?

Well, the photo itself is part of an INCREDIBLE (and horrifically sexist) sequence that is honestly just gold. If you think the guy literally OGLING another woman's arse whilst he's with his girlfriend is bad, wait until you see this guy properly in action in the rest:

GOOD LORD. He can't stop ogling other women even when he's PROPOSING TO HIS GODDAMN GIRLFRIEND.

Some other truly, truly exceptional photos include:

BUT, you'll all be very glad to know that there was in fact an alternative, happy ending: