Wetherspoons up prices - hangovers are about to get really expensive

Brace yourselves, hangover fans. Breakfasts at Wetherspoons have just got more expensive.

A week after the chain cancelled their Sunday roasts, Wetherspoons have risen the cost of their breakfast items from between five and ten percent.

The price of a bowl of porridge has skyrocketed to £2.39 (a shocking 20p increase) and a cup of tea or a large filter coffee will now cost you £1.10.

But the real pain will come from the new cost of the full english breakfast, which will now set you back £3.25 when it used to cost £2.99. Not a great thing to find out when you're hungover as hell and have counted out your three pound coins and are ready to order yourself a massive bacony breakfast cure.

If you're some kind of sicko who also has black pudding, the price of black pudding is unaffected.

Sunday roasts cancelled

Yesterday Wetherspoons served their last £7 roast as well, after deciding to cancel their traditional Sunday menu. For a reasonable £7.00 you used to be able to get a delicious roast and a glass of booze, but that has been scrapped as well. It used to be available in the chain's 950 pubs every week as part of their food clubs.


The decision to axe the roast is thought to be linked to a revamp the company is undergoing, which has seen several "gourmet" burgers added to the menu, at higher prices. Their online pages for their themed nights, including Mexican Monday and "Wing it Wednesday" have also disappeared, leading to speculation that these may also face the axe soon, or that further price rises may soon be announced.

The chain has traditionally catered to people on tight budgets, keeping prices low even in London where you need take out a mortgage if you want to buy a breakfast.

The chain has insisted that their best-selling beer brands such as John Smith’s and Ruddles will remain at the same prices. Meaning that you can still get inebriated at the same price there, but the hangover is going to cost you.

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