Wetherspoons closed after rat ran up man's trousers, stole chip

A Wetherspoons had to be closed after a rat ran up a customer's leg and stole a chip out his hand.

Despite the whole thing sounding incredibly cute, Reece Coombs complained to the management after the rat ran up his trousers, past his penis, and stole his deep fried potato.

Reece, 30, was eating with his partner Lucy Wrenn in a Wetherspoons in Bath, when suddenly he was eating with his partner Lucy and a rat. Lucy told the Bath Chronicle:

"My partner was eating his chips with his meal when a rat ran up his leg, took the chip from his hand and ran off!"

Rat had accomplice

A spokesperson for Wetherspoons added a further mystery to the story, confirming there were two rats, perhaps working in tandem.

"We can confirm that two rats were spotted in the pub last night," he said, but refused to confirm that the rat had used trousers to access the chip.

"We are aware that one of the rats took a chip which had fallen on the floor from a customer’s meal, but can’t confirm the fact that it ran up a customer’s trouser."

You read him right - he said he can't confirm a fact.

We couldn't find an image of a rat eating a chip - so here's a gif of a hamster eating a pizza.

Partial refund

The customers were offered a partial refund, even though only a chip had been stolen, but demanded a full refund:

"All we got was a refund, which was going to be a part-refund for the food we were waiting on, until I saw about the rushed drinks and incomplete, potentially contaminated starter we had."

Jade Whatley, another customer who was near the chip theft, said she was told she had to leave due to "unforeseen circumstances" and only later learning there had been a rat-based chip theft.

"I feel physically sick now," she said.

"I will demand a refund – no wonder they wouldn’t tell us the actual reason."

The two rat pub in Bath.

Closed for half an hour

The rat ran off, probably to share his haul with his mole and badger, whilst the place was .

As a result of the incident, the Albany Palace 'spoons was closed for 30 minutes while staff dealt with the rats.

The rat has declined to comment.