We need to talk about Ed Miliband

Ex-Labour leader, questionable bacon sandwich eater and now temporary host of Jeremy Vine's Radio 2 talkshow, it's time we talked about Ed Miliband.

Not 'tuss enough' to lead Labour to victory back in 2015, it seemed like Ed was a bit of a laughing stock during his stint as Labour leader. Apparently unable to tackle a bacon sandwich like a normal human being and unveiling his policies on a large stone that was arguably stronger than the policies themselves, it seemed Ed was the bacon butty of everyone's jokes.

So when did everyone stop laughing at Ed and start laughing with him..?


It seems as soon as Ed stopped running his political campaign he also ran out of f*cks to give when it came to Twitter. Ed's Twitter has since become an absolute goldmine of sass, throwing more shade than Kim K and Taylor Swift. Ed's tweets ranged from savage indirects at George Osborne...

To offering Theresa May friendly advice when she struggled to eat some chips...

With insults hotter than wherever Donald Trump goes to get that tan, it seems that if Ed wasn't tough enough during the 2015 election, he definitely is now...

BBC Radio 2

In an event unlikelier than George Osbourne being appointed editor of the Evening Standard... Ed was called upon to stand in for Jeremy Vine's morning talkshow on BBC Radio 2 this week. Far from the highbrow political commentary one would expect from an ex-party leader, Ed's discussion topics ranged from listeners calling in with what their toilet flushes sounded like to Ed himself being tutored by Napalm Death's Barney Greenway in the musical art of death metal vocals.

Ed's show has gained him a wealth of new Milifans, with some hoping he'll take on a more permanent role on radio:

With his newfound talent as a death metal vocalist, who knows what career move Ed will make next.

The Milifandom

Ed's newfound popularity doesn't come as a surprise one group... Ever since the 2015 election, Ed has amassed what's now become known as a #milifandom

Created by Labour member Abby Tomlinson, the group's popularity has since taken off with a speed more rapid than HS2 as Miliband continues to win the hearts of those across the nation.

Wherever this burst of comedy potential came from, we are totally here for it. You keep doing you Ed, we're definitely part of the #milifandom.