5 ways to save money as a young driver

If you want to get somewhere cheaply as a young person your options are generally a) walking there or b) bum a lift off an older person. Driving is expensive no matter what age you are, unless you are the safest driver in the world and have your own oil refinery for converting raw oil into diesel. Driving as a young person is even more costly, with most insurers unwilling to give low prices to drivers until they've proven they can drive for a few years.

Here are some ways you can get your insurance lower as a young driver the quick way, rather than just waiting until you have become old and therefore insurable.

Do Pass Plus

Passing your test proves you’re safe enough to be on the roads, but people who have passed their tests still have accidents all the time. If you want cheaper car insurance make sure you take Pass Plus, a course for new drivers that helps build your confidence in driving and insurers’ confidence in you.

Successfully completing the Pass Plus course shows insurance that you are a competent driver, above and beyond the standard required of the driving test. It'll cost between £110 and £200, but will save money on young drivers insurance.

It’s also pretty useful for your driving skills, covering things you didn’t learn to do in your test. You’ll learn how to drive at night (which is terrifying), how to drive on motorways (which is hell) and how to do this when it’s snowing or you’re in the middle of a tropical monsoon or a blizzard.

car in a blizzard

You’ll then be in a much better position for negotiating your car insurance - you may be young, but have proven you can drive just as well, if not better, than older people out there.

Get Black Box Insurance

black box insurance

One of the main reasons you’re paying such high rates of insurance as a young person is that almost everyone else in your age bracket is a terrible driver. We exaggerate, but there are statistics that show younger (less experienced) drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents.

You may feel that it’s an unfair assumption to make that just because you look like other people your age (with your youth and good looks) doesn't mean you're automatically a terrible driver and should be charged more.

If you get a black box fitted into your car you can have your driving monitored and will be rewarded if you are a safe driver. The machine monitors your braking, speed and how you take turnings so it gives a full overview of your quality as a driver. If you're a good driver, getting a black box to confirm this will really help lower your insurance.

Renegotiate every year


Every year you go without a crash is another year you’ve proved you are a competent driver who knows what they’re doing. With each passing year, and every new wrinkle your car insurance should be getting cheaper.

Make sure you renegotiate every year with your insurer to make sure you’re getting the best policy you can.

Let your parents drive once in a while

Good news. Years of being driven around by your ridiculously slow-driving parents is about to pay off. That time they refused to overtake a caravan and followed it for 40 miles down the M6 at 30mph is now going to become physical cash in your wallet.

mum driving walking speed

It's going at WALKING SPEED, Mum, walking speed!

If your parents have built up a good record of having no claims and driving safely, naming them as an additional driver on your insurance may actually bring down your costs. If you can stand a few more years of your parents driving you around occasionally, car sharing with one or both of your parents could significantly reduce your costs. Especially if you only lend it to them when it’s time to fill the tank.

Take no pride in your car

There’s a reason why you only ever see incredibly old men emerging from modded lamborghinis. The insurance on those things would be phenomenal for a young person.

Leave taking pride in your car until your midlife crisis, when you’ll be able to afford the additional insurance costs, and you have a crushingly depressing life that having a ridiculous car is there to compensate for.

Make sure your car is reliable rather than flash, fun to drive rather than fun to look at. And for god’s sake, no bouncing cars until you're old enough to appreciate them.

no pride cheaper insurance

All these things are incredibly expensive, and ridiculously pricey to insure.

If you do want to spend money improving your car, you would be best to spend your money on security features. The better security features on your car, the less likely it will be stolen and you will make a claim. Get proper locks, tracking devices, cover your car or keep it in a garage overnight, or even park it in a good road. If you can relay this back to your insurer, it will reduce the cost of your insurance.

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