12 ways to really annoy your northern friend

This is what Northern students have to put up with in t' south.

12) Ask them to mispronounce words

"Say 'the internet'"


"The internet."

"No, say it like a northerner."



11) Ask them if they live in a mine at home

"We don't all live in mines!!"

10) Serve them all their food in a Yorkshire pudding

In case they "don't know what bowls are".

9) Look at them, confused, when they enter a room, then ask "where's your flat-cap?

"Have you dropped it somewhere? Maybe in a mine?"

8) Hold up a tenner and ask "how many mansions would this buy where you live?"

"Just the one, ok! Quit asking me."

7) Use a "northern to English translation" book when they talk to you

"Err nerr, ther's nerr herr we sperk."

6) Ask them to say "winter is coming" at every opportunity

"Jon, if it was Autumn and it was about to change to the next season, what would I say?"

"Autumn is over"

"Just say the phrase, Jon. Say winter is coming."

5) Claim to be from "the north" when you're from Birmingham

You're not in the north till you hit this fella.

4) Ask them what it's like to ride horses everywhere instead of using cars

"Is this your version of Top Gear magazine? Who do you have instead of Clarkson?"

3) Laugh at "how northern they sound"

"You sound different than I do!"

2) Ask them if they're a member of Oasis

Not everyone from Manchester is a member of Oasis. This stereotype is offensive.

1) Pour gravy on their meal and say "I know it's the way of your people"

"What. Why are you looking at me like that? Not enough gravy? I'll put some more on, just in case."