5 ways last years John Lewis advert is scientifically inaccurate

This year's John Lewis advert made us cry three times. Once for the old man (please donate to Age UK by the way), once for the young girl's kindness and then several more times we cried tears of scientific rage. It may be beautiful, it may be really heart-wrenching, but this advert is by no means scientifically accurate.

5) The moon is not "Half the world away"

The song over the advert keeps saying he's "half the world away". Bullcrap. That's the moon. The moon is 384,400km away according to our Google search. That's over 30 times the earth's diameter according to a secondary Google search. Would it have hurt the message to alter the lyrics to be scientifically accurate? "30 diameters of the earth away" still works.

If the moon was "half the world away" it would soon crash into the world, destroying every John Lewis store in existence.

4) There is no air on the moon

That's right, you heard it here first. This moon dude should be wearing a spacesuit, and/or dead.

3) That telescope is no way near powerful enough to do these things

To see a dude on the moon you'd need the hubble telescope. Not an Argos or a John Lewis telescope. A NASA telescope. Also, why isn't this girl informing a scientist? This may be the most spectacular discovery in the history of mankind. The world would rally and send a rescue mission. Instead she sends a tiny telescope.

2) He's walking like a man on earth

Why isn't he doing a floaty moon man bounce? Where is the science??

1) There's no way those balloons would have made it to the moon

We don't want to quibble, it's very cute and all that, but helium balloons would never make it to the moon. Do you know how much thrust NASA have to generate to even make it out of the atmosphere? Do you think if NASA could have strapped up Armstrong with some cheap fairground balloons and fired him off to the moon they wouldn't have? Come on, John Lewis, pick up a science book.