Watch: Trumps bus footage gets the Family Guy treatment

Oh how the Americans love to rip the shit out of Donald Trump. With the man seemingly unable to take a joke, he is the perfect target this year. Every one is doing their impression of him, while some are even carving pumpkins to look like him.

The self-made billionaire, who only started out with a small loan of $1million, has now been targeted by Seth McFarlane, the brain and voice behind Family Guy and the 'Ted' movies.

The recent video and audio footage of Trump inside a bus, talking his "locker-room talk" has had a remix, as if Peter Griffin is in the bus with him. And it is hilarious!

It will be interesting to see if The Donald reacts, after describing Alec Baldwins impression of him on Saturday Night Live as "boring and unfunny" before calling for the show to be cancelled.

Watch the video below and see for yourself: