Want Uber to be cheaper? Get in with a stranger.

UberPool taxi price

Yo Londoners! We love a bit of Uber, it's a cheap way to get a taxi (which means avoiding the nightbus *shivers*), and it's about to get even cheaper. Well, if you're willing to get in with a stranger.

From Fri 4 December at 4pm, the service UberPool, which is already used in 15 other cites around the world will be available in London and could bring the price of a journey down by 25%.

It works by splitting the fare with people going in the same direction as you. A maximum of three people will be able to ride in one car and each pickup is limited to two people. Those requesting cars using the service will have an empty vehicle arrive and pick up someone else on the way, or be picked up by a car already carrying another passenger.

Jo Bertram, Uber’s regional general manager in the UK, said: “We believe UberPool can become a credible alternative to car ownership. If you can press a button and get an affordable ride across town within minutes at any time of day or night, why bother to own a car at all?”

We're British, so this is all a bit awkward (Urgh, double small-talk) - but think of the pennies you'll save.