Want to get stopped at the airport? Have we found a phone case for you!

Gun Phone

What do you look for in a phone case? Style? Practicality? A selfie light? One man’s top priority seemed to be making his phone look like an offensive weapon, and then taking it to the airport.

Essex Police tweeted this photo of a passenger at Stansted Airport who had something that looked alarmingly like a gun hanging out of his back pocket. They tweeted this picture for illustrative purposes (apparently the man in the picture isn’t the man with the phone case).

According to their Twitter account they found the “gun” during the routine security checks people go through at the gate. I mean apart from looking like a gun, it doesn’t look very ergonomic for people to hold like a phone.

Tweets from Essex Police’s account also indicated that the man could have been charged with a section 5 public order offense, or a section 19 - possession of an imitation firearm in a public place - which seems pretty crazy to us.

This isn’t the first time the police have become involved when someone’s used this phone case, last summer Canadian police stopped a man on a Winnepeg beach who had one.

Would you carry this phone case?

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