Wankband - Love the planet as much as you love yourself

Porn Pornhub wankband tester

Most of us have seen 2012 or An Inconvenient Truth - we’re screwed. Scientists have been searching for a renewable way of generating electricity for years, and Pornhub have come up with the solution - who’d have thought it eh?!

It’s a band you wear on your wrist (it’s for ladies too by the way!), which generates kinetic energy due to the motion of a weight with every up and down motion - the more you move, the more energy you create. Pornhub calls it ‘dirty energy’ - stay classy guys!

Pornhub are looking for testers (it’s a pretty safe page - no actual porn) if you want to give it a try - although, we presume students are too busy going to lectures to visit madam palm and her five lovely daughters often enough to pay off your electricity bill. Jokes! Of course you can…

We’ve contacted Pornhub (that was an eye-opener) to find out how it exactly works, or if charging up your phone with it can get it pregnant - so we’ll update you when we know.

Will you be doing whatever it takes takes to make sure the polar bears have ice-caps to float on? Let us know if you’re applying. We’re proud of you, you wanking warriors.