Waitrose shoppers have some ridiculous middle class problems

Don't you just hate it when there's only couscous left at Waitrose but no quinoa?

Us neither.

But, for hardened Waitrose shoppers, there are apparently a lot of first-world problems that can grind your gears. For example:

10. How will he live?!


8. Someone's got a lot to answer for

7. Pettiest woman on the internet

6. Do you think he voted for Brexit?

5. Please Waitrose, just let James live!

4. You think they'd be happy with the free coffee...

3. Chill tf out Jan

2. Nobody NEEDS white crab meat dude

1. Yes. Just like Beirut.

These people really need to learn the joy of doing your whole big shop for £30 at Aldi, and maybe get a sense of perspective.