Waiter posts creepy customer's messages and it's gross

If you've worked in the service industry, you've probably been hit on by a customer at some point.

Whether that was a stone cold hottie, or 96 year old Doris matters not. It's just not what you want while you're in uniform trying to remember orders or what size shoe someone needs.

Troy Hibler is a student at Texas State University, and also works as a waiter to earn some extra cash. This is what happened to him last week.

The customer, Denise, was clearly impressed by the service, and not only did she add him on Facebook, but she even decided to tell him about the status of her knickers by the time she left.

Denise also made her liking for Troy public on her page with some photos.

Can someone please collect their mum from Frankie and Benny's, she has deliberately pissed herself for attention.

BUT, the plot thickens, as Denise is not just a random creeper but a teacher.

Hopefully she isn't pulling this in the classroom, and understands professional boundaries a bit more when she's in her own workplace.