Virgin ask their followers to design logo. Big mistake.

Virgin asked their followers to design a logo for a beer they've brewed. The responses they've received so far aren't exactly what they wanted...

Virgin tweeted their followers asking for help designing their beer labels, for a new ale they're going to start selling on board their trains.

The rules were simple:

"Your task is to come up with a label for this product. It must be an original piece of work, and include the name “Hop On Board”, alcohol % (alc 4.0% vol), and volume (500ml) -beyond that, you can let your creative juices flow (or pour)! The winning design will be selected by a panel of judges. The chosen design will be produced by our brewery and will be made available for sale on both our trains and at our stations in the near future."

But it turns out that rather than paying a designer, they planned to give them beer and a few train tickets as a prize for the logo.

Designers were, understandably, pissed.

And asked for free train journeys...

It wasn't long before designers started sending in their "designs"...

Some of which had cocks on, obviously.

Also Jeremy Corbyn.

So far on their twitter feed, Virgin have had no serious entries, but plenty of complaints that an extremely rich train company should need to get free work out of designers, offering only beer, tickets and "exposure" in return...

The competition is still live, and the tweets are still there. But we don't imagine it'll be there for much longer. Feel free to tweet them your designs.