University of Edinburgh scares students with email cancelling graduation

As far as university goes, graduation is pretty much the main goal for most students. So imagine, in the midst of your final year exam stress, you get an email saying that you've not completed the necessary credits and therefore won't be graduating. You break into a nervous sweat, racking your brains for anything you might have done (or not done) meaning that you've not passed a module...

Well that's exactly what happened to final year students at the University of Edinburgh.

Students opened their inboxes to an email titled 'Graduation ceremony cancelled – no award'

To their complete horror, these final year students were told that they were not eligible for their summer graduation and as a result would be graduating later in the year than they had planned.

The university quickly took to Twitter to calm traumatised students

And the Admin team quickly sent out a mass email explaining that the original email had been a glitch and that the uni were looking into the root of the problem

Fingers crossed the trauma hasn't prevented students from passing their exams so they can actually graduate as planned.