University lecturer accidentally uploads exam paper a week before the exam

During every exam season there's always a moment of complete and utter panic... but usually it's from the students, not the teachers.

However, in what can only be described as every student's dream, a History lecturer at the University of Bristol accidentally uploaded his third years' final exam paper to their module website.

South African History lecturer Rob Skinner mistakenly uploaded the exam paper

Students literally couldn't believe their eyes as they logged on to access revision notes only to find their complete exam paper under the title 'Summer Exam 2017.'

Too good to be true, students quickly received an apologetic email from their lecturer explaining that there had been a monumental cock up and that the paper would be substituted with a new one.

Unfortunately for the third year History students this was only a dream, but not one that came true. We just hope for their sakes the replacement paper is easier to compensate for this traumatic ordeal.

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