39 unintentionally hilarious real-estate agent photos

Selling a house is easy. People want houses and will basically buy them no matter what you do, which is probably why real estate agents don't put in any effort whatsoever, leading to some of the funniest photos you have ever seen.

These are all real photos genuinely put up by real estate agents onto their own websites in order to sell houses. They are all unintentionally hilarious.

39) Don't worry about Bernard, he only kills when he's hungry...

38) This is as close as I'm willing to go...

"I'll take photos of the inside when I get paid more."

37) This room is so spacious you could ride a horse...

Just try not to think about the lifestyle the horse's owners lead.

36) Despite his best efforts, the shy estate agent could still be seen in the photograph...

35) In some parts of the UK, the wedding night is a family affair...

"Try not to think about us, dear. You just carry on and do what comes naturally."

34) Where shall I put all these peppers? I've brought all these peppers with me...

"Ah, just sling them in the bathtub, no-one will notice."

33) Shy estate agent almost makes it out of shot

"No-one will know my secret identity - for I am Real-Estate Agent Man!"

32) Don't look at her, she knows what she's done.

"Smile Carol. Smile. See she's smiling, there's no need to inform the police about all this. Just sell the house and I'll let her go."

31) After dropping the third phone down the toilet, Michael went to extreme measures...

"Oh Jesus... I think I got a bight... It's a big one..."

30) For just £10,000 more than asking price, the Willards are included with the house...

"For an extra 20K you won't believe what they'll do."

29) The toilet room had become somewhat grander, ever since the space-time anomalies had begun...

The toilet couldn't cope, and took his own life.

28) When the Waltons had guests round and ran out of chairs, they were forced to improvise...

"So, how's business, Jane?"

"I... uh..."

"You want to know about the toilet, don't you."

"I, umm."

"It's ok, you can ask."

"Why are you on the toilet, Barbara?"

27) The worst part of running a butternut squash business? The paperwork...

"I remember when this used to be an outdoor job..."

26) Ben had his own theory on what sells houses...

"I just think my tits will sell my house is all."

25) "Don't mind me, dear, you just go about your business."

"Do what comes naturally."

24) The house has three bedrooms and a stalker problem...

As seen in your darkest nightmares!

23) "I know what it looks like..."

Just a reminder - this is an actual photo used to sell houses. On a real life estate agent website.

22) That nightmare you have about that job interview is real...

"I notice you're currently going to the toilet. Is this something you'll be doing a lot of if you join the company?"

21) This house is not part of a chain

"Just try not to think about the previous occupant... they're in a better place now. A bigger property in the sky."

20) Rarely seen "drive by" real-estate agent photography

"That'll do - put that on the website."

19) David Cameron's old house wasn't selling like he'd hoped...

"Shall we move the pig before we photograph it?"

"I wouldn't. He thinks it's his house."

18) Current owner unaware his house is being sold...

17) Buy house once owned by "world's sluttiest cat award, 2008"

Miggles was very insistent we leave that up there.

16) Shy agent ALMOST stays out of shot

"I'll leave the forearm in. Sexy bit of forearm will surely sell the house."

15) The pouffe is playing "the floor is lava"

"Shall we put it on the floor, for the photograph?"

"No. We're real estate agents."

14) When he stops watching porn he'll realise the house is being sold.

No need to tell him. He'll figure it out by himself. Maybe whoever sits on that park bench will tell him.

13) George didn't know why, but this was always his favourite room...

"There's just something about the way the light falls on the carpet I enjoy immensely..."

12) "Alright, you caught me."

"How much to keep this between us?"

11) For some reason, Hannah's house was getting a lot more evening viewings than the estate agent had anticipated...

"Sure, I'll ask if you can visit after 9pm, but I'm not sure if she'll be... Ok, she is up for it. She'll see you at 9."

10) Space and time are not functioning well inside this house...

Previous occupants include "the doctor" - surname unkown.

9) Laziest real-estate agent in world can just about see house in distance, refuses to leave office

"Job done. I think I'll take the rest of the day off."

8) Fixer-upper

Or burner-upper.

7) Cue showdown music...

6) Murder house wasn't selling so well, for some reason...

"Shall we wait until the crime scene investigators have done their thing?"

"Nah. No. This is fine."

5) Doll house

4) Ideal house for arm wrestlers, or people looking to have an intense argument at an uncomfortably close distance...

"You know, I never really noticed until we got this tiny table, but I hate you, dear."

3) Occupant has never really felt "clean" despite large power-shower...

"Wash away the race-hate."

2) Indoor swimming pool definitely not outdoor swimming pool shoved inside house

No lounge.

1) "Sleep, my angel... sleep... "

"You must be exhausted from all that folding..."

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