Uni offers 50% food discount for being polite to their staff

A university in China is offering 50% discounts to students in their canteen if they show common courtesy to staff.

Anhui Normal University in Wuhu has launched the massive discount as part of a campaign to improve their students' manners.

To get the discount, the students have to say nice things like "hello", "please" or "thank you" or, if you fancy it "you worked hard".

They will then have 50% knocked off the price of their meal, assuming they didn't add the phrase "you pr*ck" after whichever nicety they chose to utter.

"Recently the school hosted a great discussion into how we could introduce ideas about etiquette, and we considered how to give the canteen an educational function," University official Jing Fangming said.

"Discounts for niceties" was the scheme they came up with.

Paying for basic etiquette

The new incentive has been embraced by students, according to local news Anhui Online, who like getting half-priced food just for saying "cheers" in Jianghuai Mandarin.

However others have been critical of the scheme online, some saying that it's a "tragedy" that civil behaviour doesn't come naturally, and now needs to be paid for.

"I can't believe you actually have to use money to get basic etiquette," one user of Weibo wrote.

Another said that using politeness as a "bargaining chip" reduces its value, and another said:

"Isn't this how you train animals?" despite the fact that no animal in existence has ever said the words "ta very much".

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