Uni creates 'snooze room' to encourage napping. All other unis can go to hell.

Teeside University have created "Snooze Rooms" for their students to sleep in when they need sleep, and, frankly, all other Universities can go to hell.

The Teeside University Students' Union is launching The Snooze Room as a quiet space where students can come to sleep in between lectures or seminars, or just generally when they feel like taking a snooze.

At most other universities around the UK you will get woken up by the security guard if you even try to take a nap in the library, using a copy of Das Kaptial as a pillow.

Elsewhere in the UK

In other universities around the country, students resort to traditional methods of falling asleep on campus.

Man in hat tries to sleep using two chairs. Classic.

Woman uses pigeon hole as bed. Absolute sleeping pro.

Man humps table to sleep, whilst creepy photographer watches and bides time. Been there, my friend.

Individual, private relaxation rooms

The University SU building will offer private individual spaces for students to nap in when you should be revising.

The students just need to book a time for their nap (so you will need to know in advance that you are going to be sleepy, we guess) and then show up for some snooze time in your own private booth.

Male and Female boothes

The boothes appear to be segregated for men and women, so that the women don't have to deal with the men snoring (probably) and the men can keep kidding themselves that the women are in their snooze room having pillow fights.

Manon Goetschel, vice-president of welfare at the Students’ Union, and leader of the rooms (praise be to her), told the Gazette:

“It’s been shown in various studies that rest and sleep are vital to a strong academic performance and good mental health."

“I’ve spent a lot of my time in this position campaigning to encourage students to ensure they get more rest and proper sleep as a means of reducing stress and minimising the risk of mental health problems, this facility is the next natural step."

“I’m hoping lots of different students will take the opportunity to have a short but valuable rest during the day."

“I’m particularly proud to be leading the way for universities in the North-east with the concept."

All other universities can now either follow suit or go to hell.