17 unfortunately / hilariously placed ads

Careful what you place your ad next to.

17) Decisions, decisions

16) Darling, our long search for a babysitter is finally over

15) Morgan Freeman's a fan

14) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

13) Voici Johnny!

12) When I said you should have more vegetables and exercise, this isn't quite what I meant...

11) New flavour from Nestle

10) Mmmudguard, we need a mudguard

9) Straw Dogs, a Donald Trump Production

8) Airplane adverts should not be placed on slants

"Do we have any of these adverts where the plane is facing left, Charles?"

"Jesus Christ, Bob, you're overthinking things again."

"It's just it looks like..."

"Am I paying you to look or am I paying you to paste, Bob??"

7) Daddy's not coming back

6) Oopsy daisies

5) Take control. Quit school.

4) But what's underneath the apron?

2) This guy really likes football

1) Anyone around here thirsty? You over there, two girls with only one cup, would you like to share a milkshake?

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