Unfortunate student finds out he's failed exams in hilariously unconventional way

Waiting to get exam results back is never a pleasant experience.

Most of the nail-biting time spent waiting for the outcome leaves you looking a bit like this.

However, one unlucky US student found out the (rather unfortunate) outcome of his midterm exams in the most twenty-first century way you could possibly imagine.

A Twitter user named Roy took to the site to share his witnessing of a professor failing a student who's paper he was marking next to him.

Tactfully putting it, Roy shared that mystery student Taiwan Jones had 'failed the fuck out' of his midterm exams.

It didn't take long for the tweet to go viral, launching an internet-wide hunt for the student in question:

In true Twitter-fashion, Taiwan was miraculously found. And let's just say... he had a lot of emotions going on.

One of Taiwan's friends saw the tweet, sending him a text asking if it was genuinely him:

In terms of going viral, it's probably not quite for the reason you'd probably want.

Better luck next time, Taiwan, here's to hoping your career as a rapper takes off.