Undertaker gets bizarre revenge on Argos after they disappointed his mum

An undertaker has taken bizarre revenge on Argos, after his mum's fridge kept 'dying' on her.

When his mum's fridge snuffed it, Rafael Learmonth knew what to do. He called the store like a normal person. But when the engineers fixed it and it failed again, and then subsequent fridges also failed on his mum, Rafael decided to call it. This was a dead fridge.

So he decided to put his funeral director training and hearse to good use, dressing the fridge up like a coffin and marching it into Argos in full funeral dress.

Difficult time

The funeral director took the fridge into a branch in Chatham, Kent, last week. He even told them ahead of time what he was about to do, though they didn't believe him when he informed them of his intent.

When he actually showed up with a funeral procession and a dead fridge, covered like coffin, they looked bewildered and didn't really know what to do.

"We did everything we would for a funeral," Rafael told Kent Online. "The staff were trying to work out what was happening. The customers thought it was hilarious. We went to the pub afterwards and one guy bought me a pint."

An Argos spokesman said:

"We understand that this is a difficult time for Mrs Learmonth and have a full refund waiting at the Chatham store for her."

See the full video from the funeral below. May it rest in peace.

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