UK students explore their basement. They weren't expecting to find this... 😳

Students living in a terraced house were shocked to discover a secret cave hidden under the cellar of their house.

The students, living in Mansfield, Nottingham, went exploring in their rented house after a workmen left the cellar door unlocked after installing emergency lighting down there.

The students, who previously had no access to the cellar, discovered another door in the cellar leading to another set of stairs, taking them to a 200-year-old underground "cave".

Their house in Nottingham, which looks normal from the outside, but terrifying from within.

Welcome to Pink Fox

The third year students' basement had always locked during the four months they'd been at the property.

One of the tenants, Jack Banting, told NottsTV:

“We had a look inside and it turns out there was a staircase which lead down to a basement, and then we found another set of stairs which went down again."

“It’s amazing that we’ve been living in this house for so long and it turns out we’re living above a cave system, its crazy.”

The cave system included classic creepy features, such as dank seating, broken glasses and enigmatic "welcome" messages daubed on the walls highlighting where the entrance is.

Messages written on the walls, and a bench to sit on when you want to be terrified but can't find a horror film on Netflix.

Party cave

The students later contacted archaeologists, who confirmed that it was a previously unknown cave and was probably created around 200 years ago, and say it was probably used as a second cellar in the 1800s.

The cave was probably carved out with a pickaxe by tenants back then, using a pickaxe, in the soft sandstone - apparently the ideal rock for making your own cave out of.

Previous occupants had highlighted the entrance to the cave by spraypainting "welcome to pink fox" on the walls, but the cellar had been locked up some years ago.

The students have thought about using the dank pit as a party cave, and say they want to keep it open, even though it initially spooked the hell out of them.

Stephanie Bennett, one of the tenants, said:

"It’s not a big cave, it’s about six foot by four foot. It was quite exciting but we all had to go down together because we were all afraid of what we might have found."

"We’d like to keep it open because it’s quite cool having a cave. We don’t know what we’re going to do with it yet and we haven’t had any parties down there yet."

You can see inside the cave in this report below from NottsTV.

Once landlords find out about the room, it's only a matter of time before they whack up the rent.