UCAS keep sending people tampons and no-one knows why

Around this time of year, students are waiting to find hear from their conditional offers from UCAS, or firm acceptances from universities they got into.

What they aren't expecting from UCAS is tampons.

But that's precisely what they're being sent. Also sanitary towels.

You know, instead of acceptance letters.

Or other things useful for university. Like money.

People are obviously confused.

Extremely confused.

And trying to figure out what message UCAS was trying to send them...

And are generally quite surprised about UCAS branching out...

And grateful...

But confused. Overwhelmingly confused.

Because, you know, even if this is some kind of marketing thing, it's at a time when these students were expecting to hear about their university places...

Not Always samples. With no letter of explanation whatsoever. Just an envelope crammed full of Always samples from the people who process your university applications.

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