Two students break up, get together for a "breakup photoshoot" because 2017

Two students from UCLA have begun a new trend: The breakup photoshoot.

After you breakup a lot of people tend to throw out / untag themselves from photos with their ex. This stops you from painful reminders a year from now when Facebook tells you "hey, here's you a year ago when you were happy".

But not these two students, who decided they wanted even more painful reminders of their breakup. So after breaking up, they decided to get together and pose awkwardly for a photographer in a goddamn "breakup photoshoot".

It's just as grim as you're picturing.

Here they are, her kissing him whilst he looks a wee bit sad. Got to get that in your breakup photoshoot, you know. For your breakup album you're going to show the grandkids you didn't end up having.

Here he is, looking angrily at her scalp. Maybe they broke up over dandruff? She's looking at his shirt. The polka dots have to at least be a factor.

And in case, years from now they ever look back and wonder "who broke up with who" there's this final photo of him clutching at her and clasping her legs together so she can't physically walk away, as a reminder.

The photos of the breakup shoot have since gone viral after a classmate tweeted them.

Two students break up, then get together for a "break up photoshoot"

Not everybody is on board with the concept.

And people are calling it extremely caucasian.

And a bit goth.

Anyone fancy doing one of these????