Two law students blag their way to Thailand (for free)

Images via the students / Facebook. Donate to their charity here.

Two law students have managed to blag their way to Thailand (for free) during a "jailbreak" competition, whilst others managed to get to Paris and Poland (also without spending any money).

Suliman Shinwari, 24 and Alexandra Frontali, 21, managed to travel all the way to Thailand in under 36 hours without spending any money to get there, in an impressive feat of hitchhiking and charity fundraising.

The team, who called themselves the The Two Musketeers managed to travel an impressive 6,000 miles to Phuket, Thailand from Hull, England without using any of their money.

They won the Hull University Jailbreak competition, travelling the furthest of all the teams who entered the competition, in which people try to flee Hull as far as physically possible.

The route they took as they fled Hull, arriving in beautiful Phuket within 36 hours.

Generous sponsor

The two had generous sponsor, helping them to achieve their impressive "distance fled" from hull. Their former boss at Akbars restaurant donated £800 for their tickets to Thailand.

Shinwari told The Mail:

"He's a very generous person, especially when I mentioned charity he had no issue of supporting us."

After getting all that way without spending any money at all, the two are now extending their stay and taking in the sights.

"We haven't had the chance to visit any temples yet but the markets, the food and the weather are absolutely amazing."

"I would highly recommend to people to take part in this event, it's an amazing adventure which gives people the chance to get to different countries for free either hitching or pre-planning."

"You're also getting to do all this this for charity, which is the main reason we took part in this."

In total the Hull students have so far raised £3,133.64 for Action Against Hunger through their hitchhiking feat.

Paris, Cologne and Romania

Other teams on the event managed to make it to Cologne in Germany, and Romania, but didn't quite manage to get the distance that these two achieved.

One team of students, "The Three Little Pigs" managed to get to Paris without spending any money. They posted on their Every Day Hero page how they did it.

"Our next move was to head over to the train station and try to get out of the airport. The ticket guys were so funny and really encouraged us to see how far we could get. They even forced us to go back down to the platforms after being turned down by a conductor.

This led to our first breakthrough though! The conductor of the Northern Rail train to Liverpool Lime Street let us onto his train and was so lovely, asking all about our plans and the charity, Action Against Hunger. On the train we also met a lovely couple who were full of ideas and tips to get us further. We made sure to give them our tracker link so they could see where we ended up. Once in Liverpool, there were no trains to London for an hour so we tried to find the coach station.

Amazingly, the train manager was in the office and he had taken part in loads of charity events like this so said we could get on his Virgin train to London Euston!

On the train we had some lunch whilst trying to figure out our next move. Originally we were going to try the Eurostar but were told by a few people that it would be a waste of time.

This was when we had our next breakthrough! Dan’s parents got in touch saying they had some air miles given to them for us to use. This then led to a very stressful half an hour where they tried to ring the airline to see what they could get us. The only options for that night were Athens or Paris. The Athens flight was going to need an extra payment and was more difficult to make in time so we went with Paris. After a panicked check-in online to get our boarding passes, we soon realised we somehow needed to get from Euston station to Heathrow airport in an hour to make our flight. A lovely guy from Munich who was sat on our table on the train and he had been chatting to us through our whole stressful flight search. Incredibly, he then gave us the £20 we needed to get tube tickets to Heathrow.

Once on the plane, we tucked into the free snacks and drinks, and got chatting to the cabin crew. The French air steward even did an announcement for us asking if anyone could help us get into the centre of Paris.

Danielle let out a little squeal in true piggy style when she spotted the Eiffel Tower from the plane! We had managed to book a place to stay before take-off so we at least had a bed for the night. Then one of the other members of cabin crew suggested that we could maybe get a lift with them. The pilot said it was fine by him, we just needed to check with the driver, who miraculously said yes!

So we jumped into the mini-bus and headed into Paris, accompanied by another squeal from Danielle when she saw the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Their hotel was just off the Champs-Élysées so we got to see the Arc de Triomphe on our way to the metro."

One participant poses outside the Louvre, after successfully getting to Paris for charity. You can donate to her cause here.

Events like this are held at universities around the countries and are a great way to raise money for charity, as well as see the world (for £0).

This one was held during Rag week at Hull. Last month, people involved in the Jailbreak at Imperial were briefly held by security and pulled from a flight to Turkey by anti-terror police after they went through security carrying "Hand in Hand for Syria" signs.

The team were eventually allowed to board their flight, and eventually made it to Poland, though by the time they got there they had had to spend £400 of their own money. By the time they'd finished their fundraising though, they'd managed to raise £724, making the whole thing a success (with one minor "terror alert" cock up).

You can donate to the Hull Jailbreak teams here: