Twitter users are sharing their ridiculous childhood "end of the world" memories

When you're a kid everything feels a lot more important. Why else do you see four year olds screaming like someone died because they aren't allowed a chocolate bar at the supermarket? With such simple responsibilities, something small can seem like the end of the world.

Twitter user Rob asked his followers to recall the times they thought earth as we know it was crashing down, with some very funny results.

One of the most common themes was the horrific moment Geri Halliwell left The Spice Girls, closely followed by realising you'd accidentally stolen something from the shop.

Imagine how scared you'd be if someone caught you running through the fields of wheat. Doesn't even bear thinking about tbh.

Honestly, Mufasa's death still feels like the apocalypse, we're just slightly better equipped to deal with it these days.

Okay, maybe not.