Twitter users are sharing their most unconventional uni advice

Your parents and teachers will probably have plenty of advice for when you start uni.

They'll probably tell you not to get too drunk during freshers, and teach you how to make a few different meals so you don't die or get scurvy.

The real advice you want to take, though, is from people who have been there and done that. Thankfully the grads and current students of Twitter have come to your aid and given you their best, most useful advice for going to university.

To be fair, these mostly seem like genuinely solid pieces of advice, even if they're a bit tragic and ridiculous.

However, one thing's for sure. Don't get yourself embroiled in the housemate food wars. All buy your own, or start a kitty for butter, milk, cooking oil, and all the other basics. You'd be surprised at the resentment that a few stolen drops of milk in your tea can create.

It's definitely not worth getting dirty looks for the rest of the year over.