Who are TV's best and worst flatmates (to live with)

If you had to live with flatmates from a TV series, who would you choose? Careful now. If you choose badly, you could end up getting killed, or even worse - living with Ross Gellar and his various dinosaur bones.

We've chosen our favourite flatmates from fiction, to try and figure out who we'd rather live with, starting with the people we'd least like to live with and ending with the people we'd gladly move in with tomorrow (and we are actively looking)...

5) The Friends on Friends

A bunch of people living together, making jokes, refusing to grow up and largely not knowing what they want to do with their lives. Sound familiar? Little like uni houses?

Why they'd be awesome to live with

They hang out with each other all the time and seem to genuinely get on in their massive (yet somehow surprisingly cheap) luxury New York apartments.

Why it would suck

  • Feeling obliged to sleep / fall in love with every single member of the group just to keep things interesting.
  • Monica cleans everything, even chairs, even when you're sitting on them.
  • Ross would try to show you dinosaur bones.
  • Joey would smear chicken grease on just about everything.

4) The El Dude brothers (Peep Show)

The kind of person who'll occasionally make you eat half-cooked dog or set up surveillance equipment to make sure you aren't turning the heating up, and then use that surveillance equipment to watch you have your first ever gay sex.

Why they'd be awesome to live with

  • Having Superhans pop round with a snake or some crack every now and then is bound to spice things up.
  • History lessons from Mark.
  • Blowjob swapsies from Jez and Super Hans?

Why it would suck

  • You might occassionally have to eat dog.
  • When you aren't eating dog there might be a snake on the loose.
  • When you aren't eating dog and there isn't a snake on the loose, someone is probably plotting to have you sectioned.
  • Jez, w*nking into a flannel.

3) Frank and Charlie (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Their living situation is already weird enough (they sleep together in the same bed despite possibly being father and son) without all the grotesque things they do to each other. They don't even have to live like this. Frank is a filthy rich "financier of schemes and shenanigans" and has more than enough money for his own bed.

Why they'd be awesome to live with

They'll always fix your back problems...

  • Charlie would do all the "Charlie work" around the house (ie every chore there is).

Why it would suck

  • Frank occasionally goes toilet in the bed just to create a "mystery".
  • Frank might leave human meat in the fridge every now and then, in case you try to steal his meat.

2) The flatmates in Bottom

Bottom is about two flatmates, "Richard Richard" and "Eddie Hitler" (different times - that surname was fine back then... in the 1990s) who live on the dole in Hammersmith, London, back when that was financially possible. With no jobs to speak of, they spend most their time hitting each other with makeshift weapons, trying to get "bunged out" and going toilet in various inappropriate locations. (This show is so much better than it sounds on paper).

Why they'd be awesome to live with

  • No-one is going to tell you the house isn't clean enough, or ask you to clean up anything ever.
  • They somehow afford to live in a massive house in Hammersmith. This property would be worth millions today.
  • Imagine how great you'd feel as a person in comparison to someone called "Eddie Hitler" with a proclivity towards slapstick ultra-violence.

Why it would suck

  • Endless violence committed with frying pans to your balls.
  • Endless violence committed with frying pans to your ball whilst living in a pig sty.
  • Squalor.

1) Fathers Ted, Dougal and Jack

Three priests living together in a big parochial house. Fantastic. What could be better than that? Ted? Ted? What could be better than that?

Why they'd be awesome to live with

  • You could get cleansed of your sins at any time of the day or night.
  • Endless cups of tea from Mrs Doyle.
  • Lectures on whether the cows are small or far away, whenever you need reminding.
  • Whiskey bottles left by Father Jack.

Why it would suck

  • Endless cups of tea whether you want one or not
  • Father Jack throwing bricks.
  • Occasionally getting trapped inside the largest lingerie section in Ireland or having to judge a sheep beauty contest.

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