12 TV shows you should be bingewatching right now

It's time to turn your brain off, you've been thinking far too long. We won't insult you by telling you to watch Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. You know you should be watching those shows, it's obvious.

These are the shows you should be bingewatching right now...

12) Fargo

Series one of Fargo was possibly the best first season of any TV show so far. Series two is currently airing and it may be even better.

Set in Minnesota, Fargo is a black comedy about small town police officers tracking big-time hit men and other multiple murdering bad guys, as well as a Breaking Bad style tale of one guy "breaking bad". It's as glorious as it is weird, and may go on to be the show that everyone is talking about. Catch up now if you want to avoid spoilers.

Where can you binge watch?

You can binge series one on Netflix and series two on 4od.

11) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

If you've ever wanted to watch a 70-year-old Danny DeVito emerge stark bollock naked from a sofa he's sewn himself into, gasping for air and drenched in sweat, this show is the one for you.

Always Sunny follows five borderline sociopaths who own a bar together in Philadelphia, and follows their behaviour as it gets weirder and more disturbing over time. In series one they're hatching schemes to make money through selling drink to underage people. By series 10 they're running cults and dressing up as man-leopards, rarely pausing to analyse their frightening behaviour.

Danny DeVito is great, but Glenn Howerton steals the show as Dennis Reynolds, a man who has a god complex and is possibly the biggest sociopath of them all.

Where can you bingewatch it?

You can watch the first ten series on Netflix right now, with more still to come.

10) Community

Community is a great show about a study group at a terrible university. It's smart, funny and parodies just about every film in existence.

They also manage to get university life spot on, whether it's psychology professors who enjoy messing with people's minds or the lecturer who knows nothing about the subject but tries to disguise this by "teaching you to embrace life". That's a thing, right?

Where can you binge-watch it?

Netflix, Yahoo video (who have just commissioned a new series, raising it from the dead)

9) Mr Robot

There are so many news stories about hacking it's weird that there isn't more stuff on TV about it. And when they do do it on TV, normally it's incredibly unrealistic. For example, here are two people on NCIS hacking using the same keyboard:

You won't find that on Mr Robot, despite it being a show about hackers taking down the world finance system. All the hacking is much more realistic and believable, even if the plot is somewhat crazy at times. It's one of the best new series to come out this year, and is well worth a watch.

Where can I bingewatch it?

Amazon Prime Instant Video.

8) Mad Men

Mad Men finished earlier this year (brilliantly), leaving you 7 seasons to catch up on. Set in the 60's and moving into the 70s, Mad Men is about New York's most prestigious ad agencies, focusing on one of the firm's most mysterious but extremely talented ad executives, Donald Draper.

Where should I binge watch it?

Amazon Instant Video or Now TV

7) The Returned

The Returned is essentially an alternative version of the Walking Dead where the zombies speak fluent French.

It follows a group of mourning relatives 10 years after a school bus crash which killed their children and/or siblings, as the relatives start to come back to life and home to their families. It's less ridiculous than it sounds, and ends up turning into a brainier version of Lost, though we can't guarantee it's not equally dumb as Lost but we've been tricked into thinking it's intelligent because of all the French accents and subtitles.

Where should I binge watch it?

Getting to be a theme here, but Netflix is where you should go.

6) Bates Motel

Bates Motel is a prequel to Psycho, telling the story of how Norman Bates becomes the serial killer from the classic Hitchcock film. This origin story is as creepy as it is ridiculous (so many people get killed in the hotel it makes Midsomer's death rate look acceptable) and is extremely enjoyable viewing, especially if you want to shut your brain off after all the exam stress.

Where should I binge watch it?


5) The Last Man On Earth

The Last Man On Earth is about Phil Miller, a typical sociopathic bearded male surviving by himself after a virus wipes out the planet. To entertain himself he goes full-on "Castaway", keeping a bunch of balls for company, and spends the rest of his time accumulating priceless pieces of art, astronaut suits and even a mummy.

Spoiler alert, he might not be the last man on earth. He might not even be the only Phil Miller left on the planet.

Where should I binge watch it?

You can watch this on the Fox website, just by changing your network so they think you're in America. Find out how here:

4) Daredevil

This has a darker tone than the rest of the Marvel stuff so far. It's more like Christopher Nolan trilogy, only with a slightly more ridiculous costume.

Daredevil is a slightly ridiculous superhero. His origin story (which the TV series sticks with) is that one day he's walking along and is caught up in a chemical spill, which blinds him. He instantly develops superpowers which essentially make him able to see better than ever, however, and he uses his new super senses to fight crime, whilst in his alter-ego as a lawyer he keeps up the pretence that he can't see anything at all. He's essentially a non-blind man whose superpower is he pretends to be blind during the daytime.

That said this TV show stops you thinking about that, and the highlight of the series comes when the villain of the series (The Kingpin, played brilliantly by Vincent D'Onofrio) faces off against Daredevil.

The series combines great action (where Daredevil takes hundreds of realisticly brutal beatings you'd expect a man running around in a costume fighting dozens of people to take) and great storylines (the show is run by several Buffy the Vampire Slayer writers) and adds up to an exciting first season.

Where should I binge watch it?


3) The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the new sitcom from Tina Fey (creator and star of 30 Rock and writer of Mean Girls). It's about a girl, Kimmy, who has been locked in a bunker by a preacher who'd told her and her friends that an apocalypse had destroyed the outside world. After being rescued from the bunker she now has to survive in New York, with out of date references she learned in the 1990s.

Where should I binge watch it?


2) Better Call Saul

If you've watched Breaking Bad, all you need to know about this is that Better Call Saul is definitely worth watching, and has enough Mike to keep you satisfied. If you haven't watched Breaking Bad yet, shame on you. Go watch it and find out who Mike is.

Where should I binge watch it?


1) Archer

Archer is essentially a realistic depiction of an American James Bond. He drinks heavily, like the real James Bond, but is an absolute dick when he's drunk. He's a womaniser and an idiot, but is incredibly good as his job at the ISIS spy agency (named long before the real-life ISIS came along) and can even count bullets as they come out of a machine gun.

The show has a lot of the cast from Arrested Development and is hillariously scripted. The highlight comes 5 seasons in (hey, you're meant to be binge watching, right?) when the spy agency breaks down and the gang are forced (by their own love of money and their desire to have more of it) to become a drug cartel.

Where should I binge watch it?