Woman gets hit in face by hat at graduation, says it sums up her time at uni

Earlier this week, a group of law students at the University of East Anglia were asked to mime throwing their hats in the air because of health and safety concerns.

The photographer is going to photoshop the hats in instead, so that nobody would get hurt by flying hat.

Turns out, they were absolutely right to do so.

Here's a video of a graduate getting hit smack in the face with a graduation hat, in what she describes as the perfect metaphor for her time at the university.


Graduate Meagan Richards was at her graduation ceremony at the University of Austin Texas, recording the big fireworks finale when some reckless graduate threw that hat into the air, clearly forgetting how dangerous they are.

Meagan's friend managed to see it and dodge the potentially lethal headwear, whilst she wasn't so lucky.

“The cap ended up coming straight at me and my friend,” Meagan told Buzzfeed News. “She saw it coming and dodged. I didn’t, and ended up getting hit in the face.”

There were no survivors. Joke. She survived, and carried on filming the fireworks largely unscathed.

Meagan in her graduation gear. Not carrying her hat, because hats are lethal f*cking weapons.

Metaphor for life

Meagan saw the incident as a metaphor for her own time at the University

She told Buzzfeed News:

“Because out of all 9,000 graduates out there, of course I would be the one that got hit in the face and caught it on camera.”

Whereas most other people online saw it as a metaphor for graduating and entering the working world.

Or just a hilarious video of a woman on the receiving end of a hat attack.

Serious safety concerns

Photographers at the the University of East Anglia annoyed students by requesting they "mime the throwing of their hats in the air and we will then Photoshop them in above the group before printing."

"As well as being safer, this will have the added advantage that even more of the students’ faces will be seen in this photograph."

But now, after graduation-hat-gate, all students will surely be on board with the safety measures.

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