Trump Hotels ask people to share their favourite travel memories, regret it

Trump Hotels, the chain of hotels owned by Donald Trump, asked the world to share their favourite travel memories.

They asked the question back in 2011 and didn't get many replies. But since Trump's executive order banning immigration from certain majority Muslim countries came into place, and the suspension of all US refugee admissions, people have been taking the time to reply to Trump Hotels. They have been sharing their memories, but not of sunsets and souvenirs.

Along with the replies you'd expect...

...Americans also started sharing their stories of themselves, their parents and grandparents fleeing countries and finding a safe place to live in America.

And of protest...

And much much more of the stuff you'd expect.

A petition to stop Trump's state visit to the UK is about to go over 1million signatures. 900,000 signatures more than is required to trigger a debate in parliament.