Troll donates £35,000 as a "prank", Paypal refuse to refund him

A young troll thought he'd come up with a brilliant prank to pull one over on poor Twitch streamers looking for donations in order to keep their streams going.

The troll, Anthony Mallory*, decided to donate insane amounts of money to Twitch users, watch them freak out, and then demand the money back via PayPal.

Unfortunately for the troll, however, PayPal are apparently in the business of handing out life lessons. The online transfer company have refused to refund his card, meaning he really did donate £35,000 ($50,000), just against his will.

Ok, what the hell is Twitch?

For the uninitiated, Twitch is an online platform dedicated to gaming. People play through games live, talk about games and have competitions through the platform.

"Streamers", people who stream themselves playing games to online followers, can ask for donations from their followers to support their channels. Most don't earn a lot through this, but there are now celebrity gamers out there.

Professional gamer Pewdiepie, for instance, recently made $7.4 million in one year through his YouTube channel. The 26-year-old's videos have been viewed over 12,314,907,552 times on his channel.

Troll toll

The 18-year-old "troll" has been donating sums of money from between $1,000 and $5,000, eteknix reports, to Twitch streamers under the name of iNexus_Ninja.

The Australian then watches the reaction of Twitchers as they think they've struck gold, but removes the donation before they can access it.

However, it appears that recently Anthony has become lax in demanding his money back. This time he left a whopping $50,000 in donations in other peoples' accounts for a whole month before demanding the money back via PayPal.

PayPal refused to return this money, and the wealthy young troll is now $50,000 less wealthy, whilst the Twitchers get to keep the donations.

PayPal have since appeared to freeze his account, which he put down to him donating too much.

Whilst others informed him it was because he didn't honour any of those donations.

If you're worried about his finances after losing $50,000 paying his "troll toll" to PayPal, he seems to be doing ok.

Troll in action

You can see Antony donating money he intended to withdraw in this video from LiveStreamFails. The joke ended up being on him, of course, as they received the money in full.

*Anthony's surname has been changed, to keep him anonymous.

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