Top 10 crisps of all time

The definitive list.

10) Salt n Shake

Walkers, you lazy bastards. Making me do all the work, salting my own crisps like a chump. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

9) Haggis and cracked black pepper

Jesus Christ, Mackies, you son of a bitch. What were you THINKING?? Why would you intentionally make a crisp that tastes like cow innards?

8) Quavers

You're not a crisp, Quavers. Crisps don't melt in your mouth. Technically, you're some kind of ice-cube. Stop lying to people and go home. You too, Wotsits and Skips.

7) T-bone flavoured Roysters

Actual T-bone steaks take so much effort to chew. Why bother, when Roysters have nailed the flavour and put it on a delicious potato. So good.

6) Marmite

Marmite, you goddamn geniuses. Do you remember a time when you had to wipe the flavour of a salt and vinegar crisp with a sponge, then manually dip it into a tub of marmite? No more. Marmite flavour crisps are amazing. They're second only to Twiglets, but we decided (after a 30 minute row) that Twiglets couldn't make the list because they're technically some kind of stick, rather than a crisp.

5) Pipe of Pringles

Though technically and legally not crisps due to their "unnatural shape", Pringles' Mexican range some of the tastiest crisps you'll ever eat. And they stack. Stacking is important.

4) Prawn cocktail flavoured Golden Wonder crisps

If a waiter ever presented you with an actual prawn cocktail that tasted like these crisps, you'd demand the chef apologise to you in person. But, whatever they taste like, prawn cocktail crisps are delicious, and Golden Wonder beat Walkers hands-down.

3) Salt and pepper Tyrrells

Salt and pepper are so good on potato, its weird that more people aren't making this flavour. Tyrrells are some posh crisps, and these are their best flavour. Stay away from their vegetable crisps though, carrots have no business calling themselves a "crisp". What's next, peas?

2) Monster munch

Finally, some crisps you can wear on your fingers. That's convenience, and it'll win you extra points.

1) It's obviously McCoys salt and vinegar crisps

It's obviously McCoys salt and malt vinegar flavoured crisps at number one. They have the best crisp to flavour ratio (it's practically all salt and vinegar - you barely taste potato).