Top 6 easy ways to save at Argos

Argos discounts and deals

Here’s the thing: Although Argos doesn’t offer a student discount, they offer huge savings in other areas!

Let’s get started:

argos clearance sale

Argos have launched a major clearance sale on their website, giving you serious savings on items from Tech to Sports & Leisure, and even Gifts if you have an urgent present to buy.

How do you fancy an HP X2 10 in Atom 2GB 32GB 2 in 1 Convertible Laptop in white for £199.99? A BMX accessories set for just £9.99?

Or if you’re feeling playful, how about a Marvel Avengers life-size cardboard cut-out for £22.99? (Okay that’s not a priority buy but we couldn’t resist including it!)

Get these deals by heading to the clearance finder or double check our Argos deals page, we'll keep you updated with the most recent clearance sales on!

What’s more: Most items come with Fast Track same day delivery for £3.95 (excluding bigger purchases like furniture) so it won’t cost the earth to stock up on your Argos goodies. Just make sure you order by 6pm for delivery by 10pm.

It’s not just clearance items - We are going to show you even more savings

Aside from their big sale, here are a few pointers on how to save money through Argos.

save argos with ebay

The company offer a range of new and discounted stock via their dedicated eBay service. Product description will make it clear on the condition of your purchase.

argos delivery savings

If you fancy some fresh air after so long staring at your screen, then why not reserve what you want (provided it’s in stock) and then pick it up from your local store for nothing?

Just take your reservation number to a till or quick pay kiosk in-store where you can pay and collect your items - hassle free! Find out more information about Argos' Check & Reserve here.

haggle at argos

Yes, you read that right!

It is possible to negotiate the price on certain things, should you have the gift of the gab. Read more about talking your way into a bargain here.

argos discount codes vouchers

Here’s the kicker: Argos give you a free £5 or £10 voucher if you spend £50 or £100 respectively!

If you’re racking up the outlay on their clearance items then that could make a nice little sweetener for the deal.

argos e vouchers

You can earn Argos e-vouchers when you complete surveys on Toluna. Just register, take a survey and share your opinions to redeem points against Argos vouchers.

Make sure to keep updated with more offers and discounts on our Argos page.