Top 5 times madonna fell over

Madonna sings "I'm living in a material world, and I am a material girl". Unfortunately if you make that material into a cape, you are going to trip over it. Fact. That is a fact, Madonna, as shown by your fall last night at the Brit Awards.

It turns out that's not the only time she's had a massive fall on stage. In fact, she seems to fall over a lot. We're concerned about you, Madonna.

Nevertheless, here are the top 5 times Madonna's fallen on stage.

Brit Awards 2015 Fall

Full credit to her for continuing to mime, a lot of singers wouldn't have managed it.

Madonna falls over in Brazil

"Don't cry for me Argentina. Do NOT cry for me, Argentina, I am FINE."

The Lisbon Fall, 2008

Like a virgin, tripped for the very first time, Madonna falls over. To be fair, pretending to play guitar is hard, you're bound to fall over about 50% of the time.

Madonna jumps on dancers back, dancer falls over, Montreal 2012

The lyrics in the song she's singing include "let's go outside" - something Madonna should never do with her track record. She will have a fall.

Can't help but feel that if she spent a lot less time grabbing at her crotch and a lot more time looking where she was going, these kind of things wouldn't happen.

Fall happens at 2:03.

Madonna sings the words "down on my knees", then goes there

This is all very concerning. Once it hit 2012 she lost her ability to stand on stage.

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