Top 10 best uni societies (you're going to regret not joining when uni is over)

There are so many societies at uni it's hard to know what to choose. Only it isn't, not really. Choose the weirdest one you can find. Where else, other than uni or prison, could you say you're part of an assassins guild?

Speaking of prison...

10) Jailbreak Society, University of Warwick

Warwick campus can sometimes feel like prison. Often called "the impenetrable bubble", it's unsurprising there's a society set up purely to escape it.

At Jailbreak Soc you're given 36 hours and have to see just how far you can get away from Warwick campus, with no money and without asking your parents for a lift. In the past people have managed to get to Tenerife, Cyprus, Morocco, Spain, Poland, New York, Vancouver, Luxembourg, Amsterdam. Others haven't made it out of Coventry.

Why should you join?

How far can you go?

9) The Assassins Guild, University of Durham and the University of Sheffield

"No, we are not a group of homicidal students that go round opening fire on unsuspecting students. Well, not exactly..."

The Sheffield Assassins Guild will give you a target who you have to hunt down, whilst you yourself are also being hunted. Find them, "kill" them, don't get "killed". The last person left alive is the winner. According to their website some of their members become "cool, calm killing machines" whilst others become "jibbering wrecks, torn apart by paranoia, lying awake at night huddled close to their excessive arsenal of destructive weaponry". Which one will you be?

Why you should join

It's good wholesome fun.

8) Humans vs Zombies, Royal Holloway

Combining human vs zombie combat with nerf guns is bound to be amazing. Games of humans vs zombies at Royal Holloway typically last a week and see most members starting out as a survivor on the run from the zombies, before the zombie horde takes its victims and slowly starts to grow.

Why you should join

You need to be prepared for the actual zombie apocalypse. It's coming, folks.

7) The curry appreciation society, Bath University

If you appreciate curry (and if you don't, you should) you should join a society. You'll get much cheaper curries at this one at Bath University at their socials and cheaper curries all around bath.

Why you should join

We think that's obvious.

6) Mario Kart Soc, University of Essex

A whole society dedicated to playing Mario Kart. Bliss. It's even worth the occasional requirement that you dress up as one of the Mario brothers.

Why you should join

You're the best at Mario Kart, right? Prove it.

5) Muggle Quiditch, most unis

You can find Muggle Quidditch at most unis now. You run around enacting pretty much everything that happens in real Quiditch, except you don't have the magical powers (or grace or dignity) enjoyed by Harry Potter and co.

The snitch, which would usually fly around of it's own accord, is attached to a snitch runner's trousers, who then has to spend the entire game trying to escape from the seeker, if you're wondering.

Why you should join

This is the closest you're ever going to get to the real thing.

4) The 20 minute society, Newcastle University

If you join the 20 minute society at Newcastle, at some point you'll receive a text and have (you guessed it) 20 minutes to get to location for a mysterious event. They also do a "mystery holiday" where you show up at an airport with no idea where you're going (and therefore probably the wrong luggage).

Why you should join

The mystery and the time limit will make you feel like you're in a video game.

3) Competitive eating soc, University of Kent

The competitive eating society at the University of Kent looks glorious. They seek out food challenges (much like man vs food) and do them. 'nuff said.

Why you should do it

Consuming food and turning it into energy isn't competitive enough.

2) The gin appreciation society, University of Durham

Like gin? As long as it doesn't make you cry, you should join the gin society at Durham. Much more relaxing than most the societies on this list, at the gin society you all sit down together (like you're in a 19th century gin house) and appreciate some gin together.

Why you should join

Because gin.

1) The robot football society, University of Plymouth

By far the best society we've heard of has to be the robot football society at the University of Plymouth. If you have an urge to join a football society, it may as well be one that allows robots as well, right? The robots (created by the University of Plymouth) regularly play matches against each other, and the society gets involved as well.

Why you should join

Why wouldn't you want to help build (or just cheer on) the next robot David Beckham?