Top 10 hottest UK politicians

The media seems obsessed with commenting on how politicians look. So that they can stop this, we've compiled a list of the top ten hottest UK (male) politicians, so they can go back to looking at policies.

The definitive list of the top ten hottest UK politicians is below...

10) Ed Miliband

He can balance my budget any day of the week.

9) Ken Clarke

Secretary of State of my pants.

8) Boris Johnson

A politician so sexy you forget all the terrible things he's done.

7) Ed Balls

The man has "balls" in his name.

6) George Osborne

With his stern looks and strict talk about "closing the deficit" he's the politician version of Christian Grey.

5) Michael Gove

Is it just us, or is he make talking about the dismantling of the NHS sound like a sensual thing?

4) Jeremy Corbyn

In a major blow to Corbyn's campaign, he has come in at a lowly number 4. Ever since Mumsnet described him as as a sexy fisherman we can't help but picture him scooping us up in a sexy net.

3) Ed Balls again

This time whilst holding a tiny figurine cow. Who wouldn't want to be that tiny figurine cow, right now?

2) Andy Burnham

Animated by Aardman, Andy Burnham reminds everyone you don't have to be good looking to be sexy, but that you do have to be sexy if you want to win the labour leadership.

1) Ed Balls lying down on the grass like a coquettish lioness