To celebrate Wayne Rooney's Man United career, here are his funniest tweets

After 13 years at Manchester United, Wayne Rooney has been re-signed to Everton. In celebration of his amazing career at Man U, we thought we'd take a look at his equally brilliant Twitter career by choosing some of his greatest tweets of all time.

1. When he thought Twitter was the same as texting:

2. When he praised Rowan Atkinson's acting:

3. When he was really sad about Whitney Houston, so quoted her lyrics:

4. When he wasn't taking any shit from Piers Morgan

5. When he made this stunning revelation:

6. And then followed it up with this:

7. When he revealed he was a huge karaoke fan:

8. When he got into a Twitter fight with himself:

9. And then addressed no one in particular with great enthusiasm:

10. And finally, when he congratulated Ed Sheeran on his new album:

We don't know what's more impressive, his 13 years at Man U or his accidental comedy gold on Twitter. Either way, he's a top lad!