Tinder date runs away from girl's house and steals family dog

What's the worst that can happen on a Tinder date?

Well, as you lot know, actually it can get pretty bad. From creepy people to catfish, there's a whole host of weirdos signed up to the app.

But, can you imagine starting a date thinking you might make a connection, and actually having your dog stolen?! Because that's what happened to one woman in America.

The unnamed girl, from Leonia in the state of New Jersey, had never met her date before, but invited her over to the house she was dog-sitting for. Tbf, that was a little silly, but it definitely doesn't warrant her date and his companion stealing an innocent dog.

Here's the 2-year-old dog Maggie they're believed to have taken.

They also stole an Amazon package and laptop but, understandably, Maggie is the focus of the investigation.

So far there are no leads, and no arrests have been made, but we're betting that girl is apologising pretty profusely to the family whose dog's been stolen.

People, be safe when you're meeting new people, and don't introduce them to pets until you're sure they're trustworthy.