Tinder date ends in fire brigade being called for poo disaster

We've covered a few embarrassing and horrific Tinder date stories recently, including one where a girl's dog was even stolen.

However, none we've seen so far have lived up to this mess.

Liam Smyth from Cabot in Bristol posted a GoFundMe after a Tinder date he was on went terribly wrong.

He tells the story of him and an unnamed woman, who he was on a first Tinder date with. They went to Nando's and were having a nice time, so went back to his to share a bottle of wine and watch some TV. Sounds like a lovely casual date at this point.

Unfortunately the chilled atmosphere was tainted when Liam's date went to the loo.

She returned after some time pretty vexed, explaining she'd used the loo and it wouldn't flush. In some American sitcom moment she'd got scared, put the poo in toilet roll, and thrown it out the window.

Exhibit A (on the window ledge)

In a sick twist of fate, though, Liam's window didn't back onto a garden or side street, but onto another window directly opposite with barely a gap in between.

The date was mortified: Her poo was stuck, and she had to admit what she'd done.

Thankfully Liam is a true gent, and vowed to help retrieve the poo and forget about the incident forever more.

The gap in question

The date was determined to rectify the situation, so tried climbing in between the two windows to grab the 'parcel'. She managed it, and the offending item was gone.

One small problem - she got stuck.

Absolute shitemare

After trying to free her from her poopy prison, Liam decided it was best to call the fire brigade. They did their job, but had to smash the window in the process.

That's why he needed to ask for donations, to pay for the window to be replaced, which was quoted at upwards of £300 - no small sum for a student!

The kindness of strangers (and some sort of sick curiosity) means at the time of writing he's raised over £1700.

Liam has pledged to give any extra to two different charities; one that provides support to firefighters, and one that gives working toilets to communities in developing countries.

Now we just need to wait to see if the pair see each other again. It's certainly a story to tell the grandchildren anyway!