34 times uni was like Game of Thrones

Spoiler warning for Game of Thrones and life.

34) When you show up to a seminar...

33) That time you got called out on your grammar by a lecturer who might be pure evil

32) Your heating bills make you fear the winter as much as Ned Stark

31) That time you were procrastinating and thinking of literally anything to avoid your essay

It still beats Sociology.

30) That time you got a better grade than your sibling

29) And were incredibly proud of yourself

28) And your ego got out of hand

27) When your housemates ask for your help catching a spider

26) When you saw the freshers arrive, when you're in your third year

25) When you ate a friend's cooking out of politeness

24) That time your friends judged you

23) But you ignored them

22) And made them drink

21) And that hangover afterwards...

20) When you're in first year and no-one will leave your room

19) When you apologise for last night's behaviour

18) That time you forgot to lock the bathroom door and lived to regret it

17) When you realise your accommodation isn't quite as spacious as you'd imagined

16) And your realisation you're going to have to stay there the whole year

15) When you gave up your attempt at going vegetarian

14) When your working friends tell you how easy you have it

13) That term you ate nothing but carbs

12) That time you took away a friend's internet access until they did their essay

11) That time you revealed your true career goal

10) That first time you tried to get your deposit back

9) That time you taunted a veggie friend

8) Desperately trying to get a lift home rather than take the train

7) That time you admitted your true feelings to your crush

6) With caveats...

5) That night you experimented with drugs and spent eight hours stroking your wrist and giggling

4) Getting used to not raising your hand in classes was troublesome

3) When living conditions in the house became unbearable

2) And that drunken night things got weird. Really weird.

1) And the morning walk home afterwards in last night's clothes

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