This woman's response to rape threats is brilliant

Unfortunately if you're a woman and use the internet, you've probably experienced some form of abuse or blatant undermining from men.

For example:

However, some abuse is a lot more serious than others, with many women receiving their (un)fair share of death or rape threats purely because of their gender.

This was the case for gamer journalist and Twitter user Alanah Pearce, who because of her occupation and gender, was the target of some pretty derogatory and violent online threats, including threats of rape.

She initially brushed them off, thinking that they were probably sad middle-aged men. However, she soon found out that many of her abusers were actually young boys, and therefore decided that something needed to be done.

Alanah tracked down the mothers of boys who sent her rape threats, and told them that their sons needed a serious talking to:

Approaching the boy's mother, Alanah sent her screenshots of the threats her son had sent, which clearly shocked her as she promised to speak to her son.

Alanah's tweet has since been retweeted over 43,000 times, clearly striking a chord with other women on the internet.

We salute you, Alanah!

Alanah isn't the only one to contact the mother of a boy who misbehaved on the internet, read about the woman who contacted a mother about unwarranted dick pics here.