This woman was reported to HR for the most stupid reason

It takes a special kind of trooper to come into work even when they feel like shit rather than taking a sick day.

That's what Twitter user Emilie was thinking when she decided to power through her menstrual cramps with a hot water bottle.

But, as she shared on Twitter, one of her colleagues felt very differently.

She goes on to explain how it all happened.

So, not only did some man-baby get offended by the fact this woman has periods, HR sided with him!? The world is weird sometimes.

She also says on a separate post on Mumsnet that this guy Guy has a habit of LAYING ON THE FLOOR IN CLIENT MEETINGS TO SOOTHE HIS BACK. It is actually clearly Guy who doesn't know squat about professionalism.

We doubt he'd have had the same reaction if she had a cold or ate something dodgy, and tbh, people like this need to just grow up and move on.