This woman took her amputated leg home, and you can too

In 2011, Kristi Loyall had her foot removed after doctors found she had cancer in her foot and lower leg. Kristi took the unusual step of asking them to let her keep it.

“He thought I was joking, and I was like no, I really want it back,” the 25-year-old Kristi told NewsHour. When she was finished with her hospital treatment, however, they did allow her to take it home in a plastic bag.

Since then, Kristi has set up an Instagram page in which she posts pictures of herself and other people with the leg, in parody of other Instagram photo trends.

It isn't all that uncommon for people to take home body parts after they have been removed, and doctors will give people their gall-stones and kidney stones like they're handing out Malteasers. But it is a little less common for patients to take home whole limbs with them.

“I’m kind of weird like that,” Kristi said. “My parents tried to convince me not to keep it, but I thought I’d regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t.”

The doctor was taken aback when Kristi made the request, but let her have her leg on the grounds that it was hers to keep, and it posed no biological threat to the public.

“The only issue would be if there was some communicable disease and your tissue had some sort of virus or bacteria,” a Bioethicist said. “Then officials would intervene, if it puts the public at risk.”

Kristi on a road trip with the limb, and shaving it on her Instagram account One Foot Wonder

Kristi took her foot from the hospital with her, but had to get it treated before she could keep it in her home. Surprisingly, there are companies that will treat bones for you that even specialise in humans. Kristi sent hers off to Skulls Unlimited to have it de-fleshed. To do this, they put it in a tank of flesh-eating dermestid beetles. They then whiten the bones and string them together.

This cost $650 and took four months altogether. Now she takes it with her and blogs about it on OneFootWander.

She advises that anyone else who wants to keep a limb after it has been removed that they need to keep telling the doctors at every stage of the process that this is what you want.

“You have to just keep reminding everyone that you are getting it back, and they cannot dispose of it. Be adamant that you want it back.”

Kristi regularly receives messages of support from her followers, who love her posts. You can follow her instagram account here.